Friday, November 16, 2012

Help us raise money for literacy

The Mercury’s Community Media Lab and TownSquare blogging network are raising money for the YWCA’s literacy education program and we could use your help. For every valid name and email on our Literacy Pledge, an anonymous donor is giving $1 to the Pottstown YWCA’s literacy program. It costs you nothing and can change everything for someone wishing to read, learn basic math or obtain their GED or citizenship, all goals the YWCA program helps area residents achieve. You do not need to be an area resident. To sign the pledge, visit To learn more about the Pottstown YWCA literacy program, click here. Our TownSquare community is also getting into the spirit, writing about the importance of being able to read, teaching their children how to read and other important aspects of literacy. Read their blog posts using the links below.

 FOUNDING A FATHER: Helping kids to read
ABOUT 100%: Reading for life
THE DESIGN SLEUTH: Sandy and contemplating literacy
DIGITAL NOTEBOOK: Captains Courageous
DIY FRUGAL: Are you willing to give your name to help adults read?
KNITTED GEMS: Explosion of books
SO MUCH TO DO: Reading opens up a world of information
TAILS OF 2 DOGS: Let’s help the YWCA’s literacy program
THE EDITOR'S DESK: Learning value of education from those who missed out

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