Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Construction begins on the new Mercury Community Media Lab

Our current Media Lab.

In the beginning of May we announced that The Mercury was one of 12 newsrooms to receive funding for a new project - to update and open our Community Media Lab to the, well, community.

The Pottstown project will involve furnishing the former offices of the Penny Pincher adjacent to the main entrance of The Mercury at 24 N. Hanover St. with computers, a microfilm reader and furniture for daily use by the community as well as special events. The room to be refurbished is currently used as the Community Media Lab where bloggers meet for workshops. That use will be expanded and more community uses added. 

The first step in our plan is to remove the center cabinets.

First step, the center cabinets have been removed and will be re-purposed in the new lab.

We will be updating the progress of this project on this blog, so keep keep an eye out for future posts. 

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